About Us
About Our Business

For a cozy tête-à-tête for that special occasion to
a larger gathering for weddings or anniversaries
to movie premières, Off The Wall has delighted
for decades

    For more than 30 years now, "Off the Wall Catering"
has proudly  and  productively  been  serving  delectable
main  and  side - dishes  ranging  from  Asian  Flavors to
Classic Mediterranean Tastes,   from  California  and Tra-
ditional  Cuisine to  Southwest Mixed Grills.   At  "Off the
Wall," we pride ourselves in quality,  freshness,  and an
imaginative  presentational flair.   When it  comes  to the
preparation  and  execution  of  virtually  any celebration
you  have in  mind,  you'll  find  that the  experience and
creativity we offer are second to none.

    Whether  the  event  you  are  planning  is  large  or
small,  casual or formal,  indoors or out,  our  extensive,
eclectic  menu  will  include  precisely  the  touches  you
seek,  down to the  last  unforeseeable  detail.   "Off the
Wall's" friendly, experienced, professional chefs,  wait-
ers, bartenders and stylists will make certain your party
is a  success and that each of your guests feels  comple-
tely at home.

    In addition,  because  we  work  with  the most pro-
fessional of  rental  companies,  florists,  photographers,
musicians,  valet services,  etc.,  we can  easily help you
orchestrate as much of your  event as you wish, and  we
will   be  sure to do  so  in  style.   Feel  free to ask us for